Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday!


We've had another week of altered schedules due to snow.  I am ready for a normal routine so I can get back into my groove!

My five on friday is all over the place!  Be prepared!

As I type this, we are watching Despicable Me 2.  We saw it in the theater and loved it.  Caylee had been wanting to buy it so Chad bought it tonight.  It is a cute movie and even funnier the second time around!   BEE-DOH!  BEE-DOH! BEE-DOH!  {I really want that sound byte as my text message alert but it would drive everyone bonkers.  I love it!}

I need some advice on hair.  I am a wash your hair everyday kinda girl because I do get oily.  Besides, I can't stand the way my hair feels if I don't wash it daily.  I talked to my hairdresser about what I could do to stop washing it daily and she suggested that we glaze my hair.  It is supposed to cover my gray and dry up the oil.  We did it this week and I wore second day hair today back in a ponytail but still feel nasty and dirty.  I have tried dry shampoo but don't feel like it did anything.  What dry shampoo is the best for color treated hair that also smells good?  What hairstyles are good for second day hair? I have looked on Pinterest and will look again.  I typically don't wear my hair up unless I am running or just hanging out at home because I don't like it up-mostly because I am not good at fixing it. Also,  what products are "must haves" for good hair?  Help me!!

I am HOOKED on Friday Night Lights on Netflix.  Amy, a DJ on the Bobby Bones Show, was talking about it on the air so I started watching.  I am almost through season 1.  What are you watching on Netflix?  

I was employed for the day.  Actually, I spent the day with Chad working on setting up his new office space in our town.  Long story but they moved into a smaller office space and I helped him clean and organize it today.  It isn't completely finished but looks much better.  Afterward, I rode with him to the Virginia office and took a cake to one of his coworkers for his birthday.  Today was a good day- something completely different that what I normally do during the week.  It was nice to spend time with Chad without the kids even if he was working.  

I am almost ready to throw my FitBit in the TRASH.  I have the Flex and I cannot keep it charged.  It was supposed to be this great gadget to help me see how I sleep, how many calories I burn in a day, and help me track my food and water intake.  When I first got it, I charged it once per week and now I can't even keep it charged for a couple of hours.  I've contacted customer service and done everything they asked me to.  If it doesn't fix itself {they said it needed a software update}, I think I am going to send them a nasty letter and ask for my money back.  This was my mother's day present and in theory, it is a great product.  We shall see.....

Told you this post was all over the place!  I'll close with GO BRONCOS!!!!!  GO PEYTON!  

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SNOW much fun!

The meteorologists around here just can't seem to get a forecast right.  Yesterday, they called for a thirty percent chance of snow.  Apparently, this is what 30% chance of snow looks like:

When I took the kids to school yesterday, our driveway and street were white but I was convinced that since they went to the school in the city, they wouldn't make a schedule change.  I went on to get my hair glazed and watched it snow.  As soon as Jamie was putting the finishing touches on my hair, I get the phone call.  I had thirty minutes to get them.  School was dismissed at 11AM.  Luckily, my hairdresser is basically across the street from the school, so I was good.  I did have to go grocery shopping after  pick up and I would rather have a root canal than have to go to the grocery store right before a snow and have to take my kids.  Luckily, the crowd nor the kids were bad!

We got home and immediately played in the snow.  It was so fun!

I love this picture.  I need it framed!

Burst shooting on my camera= great action pictures

It was 1 degree when I got up.  I snapped this picture on my iPad when it was a balmy 3 degrees.

I baked Mix and Match Mama's orange dreamsicle bundt cake while it snowed.  I need everyone back on a regular schedule so I can stop the eating madness!  I feel like when it snows, there is a chance we will get snowed in so I feel the need to bake.  Honestly, there is no such thing as being snowed in as long as Chad is here.  He will drive in anything!  

Happy Snow Day!

Monday, January 27, 2014

#TinaEveryday Week 4

A day behind.... again.  Oh well.

I am in a fog this morning.  I think my husband kindly shared his crud/cold with me.  I am hoping that Zicam will shorten the cold's stay in my head!

Did you catch the Bachelor Wedding last night and/or the Grammy's?  I watched the Bachelor Wedding.  I haven't watched the show since Sean and Catherine's season and I felt like they are the real deal so I wanted to see the wedding.  It was a lovely wedding and I enjoyed seeing Mix and Match Mama and her family.  After the wedding went off, I flipped over to the Grammy's.  Big mistake.  What is wrong with music these days?  I understand why I migrate to Luke Bryan, Lady A, and everything the Big 98 plays.

My week in pictures can be summed up in one word: COLD.  That was also the theme of my five on friday.  I don't mind the cold weather but if it is going to be this cold- I want a good snow- as in 6 or more inches where we can sled!

Day 20:
MLK day= no school for the kids.  I took them bowling and we ran a couple of errands.  Lesson learned this day: bowling is expensive!  It put me out almost thirty bucks for the three of us to bowl two games!  I understand why we don't bowl very often.  I am thankful for a day when there is no school and it is warm enough to get out for a little fun!

Future bowling star or plumber? Typical Caylee.

Running errands during Sonic happy hour= SCORE.  Can't beat a cherry slush, a water (Caylee doesn't drink anything but water and milk), and a large coke zero for $1.44.

Day 21:
We have two dog beds for Tank and Gun'rrr and they both like this one.  I am thankful for our two fur dogs.  I love watching the kids interact with them!  I walked through the house and found this:

Day 22:
Third grade homework.  Fun times.  I am thankful for the fact that some afternoons we can be flexible about when we can get homework done.  Sometimes we have it all done before Dad gets home; other nights, I give the kids time to chill out and we tackle it after dinner. We wouldn't have this flexibility if I worked.
Day 23:
I bought the kids and me new head gear for our upcoming tubing trip (which was cancelled this weekend due to high winds).  Two Macs wanted in the picture.  One did not.  I am thankful Chad gave me the go ahead to get good quality head gear instead of el cheapo toboggans from Wal Mart.

Day 24:
FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! We were delayed two hours because the temp was 3 degrees.  I needed to warm up so I cranked up some Jimmy Buffett and pretended to be at the beach.  Thankful for Jimmy Buffett!  :)

Day 24:
This was the day we were supposed to go tubing.  Instead, we got a little snow so we stayed in until supper time.  We typically go to Barberitos  on Saturday night but they were closed and ended up at Fazolis.  The kids enjoyed playing in the inch of snow we got.   I am thankful for days like Saturday where we did a whole lot of nothing.

Day 25:
Not the best picture but I snapped a pic of Carson at baseball practice yesterday.  They worked on agility drills and for this particular drill, he and his BFF had to run sideways behind the line while tossing a tennis ball back and forth.  I am thankful for our head coach and his family, who are great friends of ours.  Matt is a true teacher of the game and I am seeing BIG improvements in Carson since this time last year.  Carson woke up this morning and told me how much he enjoyed the drills yesterday.

I'm off to fight off this cold and try to get some housecleaning done.  Oh the joys of being a domestic engineer!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Five on Friday on Saturday!

I am a day late on my five on friday post.  I was busy yesterday and just didn't sit down long enough to blog.  Sit tight!  Here we go!

My theme for this week is 5 things necessary for staying warm.  Here in Big Orange Country, it has been colder here than in Alaska this week. One morning, our thermometer said 3 degrees.   EEEK!

Smart wool socks.  These things are the bees knees.  They aren't thick and itchy but oh so warm.  I have three pair for running and two pair for wearing with other shoes.  My kids also have a pair.
I actually have this pair.  Oh so warm!

This blanket...

A family friend that lives in Washington made this for us.  It is just a no sew fleece blanket but it is so thick and warm.  We literally fight over who gets this blanket.  I have been searching online for fabric to make the kids their own.  I also pinned a tutorial that should be pretty easy (let's hope).  I need to make Caylee one before baseball season starts!  Also needed is a hot cup of your favorite coffee!  

Heated seats and steering wheel for your vehicle.  My jeep has them and it is AMAZING.  We have heated and cooled seats in the front and heated seats in the back (the kids can't wait to give up their booster seats).  We also have a heated steering wheel.  These two things keep me so warm that I sometimes turn off the heat and the kids have to remind me to turn it back on.  

Fleece pants.   I am on the hunt for a fleece pair of leggings but haven't been able to find any here.  To amazon I will go!
Mine aren't this exact pair, but close.  I would wear them daily if I could.
Fleece sheets and my electric blanket.  Pure bliss.  Climbing into a warm bed and snuggling up to fleece sheets.  I actually don't mind that Chad likes to keep our bedroom in subzero degrees as long as I am cozy!  I got my sheets at Kohls and got the electric blanket for Christmas one year.  Chad is the polar opposite of me (no pun intended).  He must have it super cold in the room and only uses a sheet to cover up.  There were nights prior to me purchasing the sheets that I would sleep in a sweatshirt and fleece pants!  

If all else fails, crank up some Jimmy Buffett, turn your heat way up, put on a bathing suit, and party likes it's 90 degrees outside!  

Sunday, January 19, 2014

#TinaEveryday Week 3

Day 13: Haircuts for the littles!  Caylee had ALOT taken off.  Curly hair is so hard to comb through.  She loves for Jamie to straighten her hair!  I am thankful for a great hairdresser and thankful that my kids are comfortable enough with her to go back to the chair by themselves while I wait in the waiting room!

 Bonus material: Carson and I doing a plank challenge.  His baseball team has a set of exercises to do so I did them with him and we added a plank.  #strongs
 Day 14: A pinterest inspired outfit!  She looks so old in this picture! I am thankful that we had a minute before leaving for school so I could snap a picture!
 Day 15: Good sweat sesh at the gym. I love Zumba!  I am thankful for acceptance at the gym.  No one makes you feel inferior or out of place.

Bonus: Caylee ASKED for an Indians hoodie.  This is the same girl who would wear dresses seven days per week.  She is starting to dress down.  
 Day 16: Powering up with a Breakfast Power Sandwich before heading to school to volunteer.  My breakfast was free thanks to gift cards.  I sent this picture to Chad with the caption "wish you were here".  We used to go to breakfast periodically when he had the time.  Now, he is working in a different city/state (but only forty five minutes from home) and it doesn't happen.  We used to call our breakfast dates staff meetings because that was our time to compare schedules, make plans, discuss kids, etc.   Thankful for the givers of the gift cards so that I could have a good, healthy breakfast!
Day 17: Pinterest, fuzzy socks, and pajamas.  That's how I spent my Friday night.  Thankful for warm pajamas that I found on clearance at Target!

 Day 18: Saturday night at home.  Thankful that my girl wants to take selfies with me!

 Bonus material:  Chad and Carson COOKED THEIR GLOVES IN MY OVEN.  I posted on Instagram that that's the most action my oven has seen all week!  The purpose of this is to soften the glove and mold it to catch balls. It breaks the glove in.  I told Carson I expected many pop flies to be caught now!

 Day 19: Watching a little NFL pre game before heading to baseball.  He'd wear a hoodie everyday if I'd let him- and I do.  Thankful for Chad's job and the money he is paid so my kids can have warm hoodies- and UA at that.

Coveting, Jealousy, and Choosing Joy

Brace yourself...  Deep topics coming up...

Our pastor talked today about excessive desires.  His words really spoke to me today because there is an internal struggle I have been battling.  I must be honest, I only get about half of the message because Robert talks over my head.  I usually get bored and my mind drifts to my menu plan, grocery lists, and to do lists (#confessional).  I got enough out of today's sermon though to put into action.

He referenced Exodus 20:17: "You shall not covet your neighbor's house.  You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor."  Basically, we should not want what others have because it leads to jealousy and jealousy is a stronghold.  We should put our trust in God, seek Him, and he will provide for us.

I am so guilty of coveting and it is time to let it go.  I find myself on social media looking at posts of women in their expensive clothes, having girls nights out, regular date nights with their doting husbands,  and looking like a million bucks. I compare my life to theirs and get angry at myself and even Chad sometimes because they have what I want- or what I thought I wanted.  And I get jealous and it bothers me.  I find myself longing for what they have instead of looking around and praising Him for what I do have.  I have found myself jealous over their nice clothes (and places to go to wear them), their UGG boots {yes, they are still on my brain!}, their dates with their hubbies, their seemingly perfect kids.  Now before I go any further, I must state that I realize that whatever is posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc doesn't always reflect the "trueness" and reality of that person's life.  I have decided it is time to let go of the stronghold and do something about my struggle.  Before typing this post, I went through my social media and unfollowed and blocked all of those triggers.  Some of the individuals I know, some I only know because of social media but I did it- I had to remove myself from having access to them so that I would no longer yearn for what they have or do.  I can't continue without stating that the individuals are (or seem) to be good people but at this time, their posts or comments are only bringing me down and I am tired of feeling that way.

Another piece of this puzzle came together today as well.  At the beginning of the year, I had challenged myself to take a picture everyday and post on Instagram to document the little and big events of my life and my family's life.  Another reason for doing this was to remind myself that I am one blessed woman and I need to thank God daily for those blessings.  The pictures would remind me of those things.  Honestly, some days I struggled with posting a picture because it wasn't good enough- we didn't do anything fun, I wasn't wearing makeup or nice clothes, or nothing exciting happened that day.  It hit me today that I need to appreciate the simpleness of those days as well.

Sometime last week, the Bobby Bones Show announced something they are doing in March.  A little background- I listen to the show on XM almost daily.  One of the DJs' mothers has cancer and her mantra is to choose joy.  Even though she is battling cancer right now, she is choosing joy and shows it in everything she does.  March marks the one year anniversary of the BBS and instead of throwing a big party, they are dedicating the week as "pimpinjoy" week and want everyone to do something nice for someone else.  I plan on taking part in this.  If you want more information on this, send me a comment or an email and I'll try to help.  I follow them on twitter and Facebook so I am sure there is information there.

I think the message in all this today is that one must make a  decision to CHOOSE JOY.  Be happy and grateful for what you have and pass that happiness along to others.  I will still continue to post my picture daily and will do a recap here on the blog but I will start to note the blessing or a thankful that came out of that little picture.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

I'm linking up to 5 on Friday!

I made it to the gym three days this week!  WOOP WOOP!  I lifted weights one day, did Zumba once following by a short lift session, and went to a "piloxing" class today.  The class today wasn't my favorite.  I did it but the combination of pilates and kickboxing just seems weird to me.  I worked up a good sweat and that is what is important.  I need to lose ten pounds by May!

I started using the ProActiv + system on Wednesday.  I have only used it once per day instead of the recommended twice per day because it burns my face.  I guess that means it is working?  I hope so!

I sat down on Sunday and came up with a routine for cleaning and organizing our home- and just a general weekly plan for time management.  I haven't stuck to the schedule this week though- other than making it to the gym three days per week. I feel like I spend the weekend doing all the housework and I don't want to do that while my people are home!

This guy plays an important football game on Sunday.  GO BRONCOS!  #OMAHA

I have started pinning decor ideas for a bridal shower that I am helping with.  There are so many cute ideas!  I wish my budget was endless (heck- not just for the shower- HA!).  Things are so different nowadays than when I got married!  I love this and hope to incorporate it somehow into the shower.
Everyone have an awesome weekend!  Stay warm!  GO BRONCOS!