Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Fall Break!

It is Day One of the Macs Fall Break 2K14.  Sadly, we aren't at Disney or the beach- just hanging out at home.  We do have some fun day trip type activities planned but no overnight trips.  I told Chad today that a change of scenery and pace would be a great thing but it isn't going to happen until my half in December.

We started our Fall Break with the DB game last night.  We tailgated with the Stewarts.  They had lots of family in from out of town in honor of Sam's Senior Night.  I look forward to our Friday night gathering- it is sad that it will end once football season is over.


Since Carson is on field crew, we must stay until the end of the game.  Last night, DB beat Central 58-0. Sam didn't play the second half but it was nice to see the younger kids get some playing time.

A new little thing Caylee does this season (because our seats are on that end of the stadium) is to run up to Madison and give her a little squeeze right before the Spirit Shakers take the field for the War Hoop.  Madison gives her a little hug and we go on our way.  It prevents Caylee from asking me 590 times where Madison is. ;)

I cannot believe this guy is a Senior.  As I sit in the stands and watch the game, band, cheerleaders, or Spirit Shakers, I have to admit that I forget that they are just high schoolers- especially the band- very professional!

Today was crazy with Nutcracker rehearsal and flag football.  I snuck away from the crazy to run the Color me Rad race.  It was fun- I wouldn't call it a "race" but it was still a lot of fun!  I came back to the gym to do two gruesome miles on the deadmill  (I hate that thing) then came home and crashed.

Maybe this week I can get caught up on housework since I will not have to taxi everyone thirty places.  #wishfulthinking