Friday, September 21, 2012

Timelines: Blast from the past

This week, Carson (and his parents) had to complete our first family project for school.  We were asked to make a timeline of Carson's life.  A focus in the second grade curriculum is learning to read and make timelines AND a focus on Tennessee history.  As a class, they will make a timeline of important events in Tennessee history.  When I read all of this, I posed the idea of focusing Carson's timeline on the events associated with Tennessee (places visit, University of Tennessee, etc) as well as incorporating special events of his life.  We had to include pictures so I spent the better part of a day reminiscing and sorting through pictures.  I must say thank God for facebook and this blog.  I didn't do a baby book for him or for Caylee.  Facebook (and now instagram) are the easiest places to post pictures.  The blog is a close second best place.  I like that the pictures are dated on these sites.  I also like that my MacBook stamps the date as well.  All of those things SAVED the day for this project.

While I was going through the pictures, I was reminded of how much he and Caylee's infancy were a blur.  I was working and missed out on a lot.  There was a split second that I thought I'd like to have another child but the thought quickly left me.  I like having my kids at the ages they are now.  It isn't getting easier but it is nice that they are not totally dependent on me (and that they sleep through the night!).

Here are some of the pictures we included on the timeline:

This was the day after Caylee was born.  Gosh, how can my kids be 5 and 7?
 Carson's first trip to the beach circa 2006.
 First Tennessee Game circa 2007 (I think)
 First water boy game.  Poor kid couldn't even unscrew the lids.  He would hand them to the thirsty players to open then he'd fill the bottles up and give them back to the players!

Carson when he left the NICU.  This makes me cry.  I miss having a baby (sometimes).

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday Night Lights

We spent a beautiful Friday night cheering on the Indians and watching our Future Spirit Shaker dance!  Earlier in the week, Caylee attended a junior camp with the Dobyns-Bennett Dance Team and they were invited to perform with the team, the Spirit Shakers, during pregame.  I think by noon I needed sedation for Caylee.  I am not sure what she was more excited about- dancing on the field or seeing Madison.

A little sidenote about Madison.  She is a young lady I hired back in the summer to sit for us.  She is a freshman and is a Spirit Shaker.  Her grandparents go to the church that my grandparents attended so we have known her extended family for a long time.  She dances at the same studio as Caylee and it hit me at recital last year that Madison would be great for us.  What I have learned is that Caylee really looks up to Madison.  Even though she has only sat with them one time, we keep in touch with her.  I am so glad that I know that I have a little back up!  She is pretty busy with spirit shakers right now but we look forward to having her over in the future!  I am glad that Caylee has a connection with older young ladies that are good role models for her.  She think she and Madison are BFFs!  ;o)

Carson thinks Madison is pretty cool as well!
Before the game, we went to the tailgate dinner, also sponsored by the Spirit Shakers.  It was nice because they had food catered from O Charleys and tables sat up in the dome lobby.  It was easy peasy since we had to buy tickets and take Caylee early to get ready to dance. We didn't have to factor in time to eat dinner.  

I think this might be a new favorite picture of mine. They are both looking at the camera and smiling!  ;o)

I made Caylee a bow for the game.  I would love to learn how to make cute bows-I guess I need to go to pinterest and look for a tutorial!  

A final note....  Carson has become a fan of this kid.  During warm ups, #15 caught a great pass (I think he plays WR) and Carson said, "WOAH!  Did you see him catch that pass?  That was awesome!  Mom, who is that?"  When I told him that it was Sam S and that I knew his mother, he couldn't believe it.  The WHOLE game, Carson watch intently as Sam played.  Sam is quite the player.  At one point, he told me that he wanted a #15 jersey for Christmas.  In the meantime, I send Sam's mom a message on Facebook and told her of her son's newest fan and asked if I could get a picture of them after the game.  This made Carson's night!  He comes from a great family as well so again, I am glad my children have positive influences to look up to!  

A second sidenote: Sam and Madison are an item.  Carson thinks it is cool that our babysitter dates his favorite player! I didn't tell him that Madison dates Sam until we got home last night.  
All that's left to say is:


Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Day Has Come

The day has come that my child is a faster runner than me.  I knew it would happen, I just wasn't expecting it this quick.

I really haven't ran consistently since my half marathon back in April (injury, family emergencies, life). I want to get back into it so I thought the Eastman 3K would be a good start.  I absolutely do not like the 10K race (course is terrible, the shirts are terrible).  I dislike everything about it (except the race directors and the expo) so I knew I didn't want to do it but Carson said he would do the 3K.  We haven't let him run a race by himself yet (due to safety) but I should have let him today since he had plenty of crowd support.  I honestly think I held him back.  He stayed with me the first half then just as soon as we made the turn to come back, he took off and I never saw him again until I finished. I am proud of him though.  I don't know if he will be a runner like his dad, but we sure are happy this is something we all can do together (well, Carson WAY in front of me!)

Waving to Dad at the start!

See the kid in the white hat and turquoise shirt?  Yep, he beat me!  He also beat this kid in the yellow shirt that looked older than him!!  ;o)

443 CARSON MCMURRAY          1349   7 M   KINGSPORT       TN   21:10 11:22 
495 TINA MCMURRAY            1348  34 F   KINGSPORT       TN   22:16 11:57 

Before I was beaten by a SEVEN year old.

Stretching out the legs prior to the start

Start line!

Post Race Celebration

Love my boy even if he beat me!