Saturday, October 27, 2012

Disney: Getting There: Let the Magic Begin (In the Airport)

We just returned from THE. BEST. VACATION. EVER.

No joke.  I want to live on Main Street, USA.

Almost one year to the date, I went to Orlando to a conference with my former supervisor (this also marked the beginning of the end of my career for me- my then-supervisor wouldn't pay for me to go to the conference I was PRESENTING at- long story).  I came home with Disney fever.  I wanted to make the trip with my family.  We decided to do it.  One of the best decisions made!

We've never taken a vacation that was just the four of us or not centered around a race (crazy, yes!).  Sometimes I feel like our social lives revolve around Chad's running and it does bother me a bit but then I have to stop and remember that we have great friends we've met because of running and that if Chad is going to be addicted to something, running is a positive addiction.

I think I'll break up each post into Disney days.  I want to document as much as I can about our trip.  I ordered the Photo Pass CD but it isn't here yet so I'll use our pictures.  I think I have over one thousand pictures total.

The first day was our travel day and Hollywood Studios.  We got up at 4AM.  We decided to fly out of Knoxville and we found a hotel room for what it would cost to park our car there so we spent the night before in Knoxville.  The TSA people in Knoxville must have a thing for me.  I never make it through security at McGee-Tyson.  I've flown out of several airports with no problems but never make it through Knoxville.  I packed my carry -on full of cereal and breakfast foods and some snacks (remember we have a picky eater in our home) and a pack of baby wipes.  Apparently terroristst can hide powder in baby wipes and cheerios because you would have thought I was a terrorist.  TSA took everything out of my bag and swabbed it.  I was LIVID.  I finally looked at Mr. TSA and told him that I was a mom trying to keep my family fed while at Disney and that I had a picky eater.  He quickly snapped that I wasn't allowed to touch anything (I didn't anyway and wasn't going to) and asked me what I had in my make up bag.  When I told him, he never opened the bag.  Guess no one has hidden questionable materials in a Vera Bradley makeup bag???!!

This is Carson and me screaming at security.  This same picture also sums up the way we felt after our Vols LOST their two games while we were gone!

Chad and Carson ready to take off!

Caylee's ready to go!

Before we left, Chad and I went to Target to get things for the trip (which reminds me- I need to blog about that adventure too!) and we bought the kids an activity to do on the plane and hid it from them.  It kept them busy the entire flight.  We had a direct flight to MCO (Orlando International Airport) so we were there in no time.  We boarded the Magical Express and headed to the beach- Carribean Beach that is!

Stay tuned for more!