Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday!

It's Friday and It's Spring!  Can I get an amen or an uh-choo if your allergies are killing you?!

I'm linking up with Liz and others!

I am counting my calories on My Fitness Pal.  While I don't need to lose a lot of weight, I need to shed a few pounds rather quickly (I know- not the best way to do it).  I have my goal as only eating 1200 calories and I am about ready to eat my keyboard.  This is tough.  

Since I am watching what I eat, I am trying out new, healthier options.  My biggest problem is not ever feeling full.  I finally bit the bullet and bought this yesterday and OH. EEEMMMMM. GEE.  This is my new addiction and it kept me full during my hell hours of 2:30 until dinner time.

We are leaving soon for a special trip and I sat down this morning to make out my to do list of things that must be done prior to leaving and I almost had an anxiety attack.  Our schedule is super busy I foresee many late nights in my future but it will all be worth it when we get to our destination!

There is lots of good music out right now.  I am currently loving my Luke Bryan's Play it Again and the Cole Swindell album.  Has anyone heard the Selfie song?  Dumbest song since _____?  I can't even think of anything to compare it to!  RIDICULOUS!

I could eat Luke Bryan with a spoon.  Forget counting calories!  YUMMO!

I need a new purse. I can't decide between these two. HELP!  I love the cross body but feel like I carry too much junk so I need a bigger purse.  Help me blog buds!

Happy Spring Weekend!  Peace out!

First Tournament in the Books!

Our Indians played in their first tournament last weekend and went 2-1.  We didn't get to finish the tournament because of rain but we had a good shot into making it to the championship game.

Ready to play!  I meant to take my good camera but it was such a crazy day, I forgot to grab it.  Bummer.... I have a bunch of other pictures with his teammates but don't want to post without their parent's permission. 

I guess I need to back up and note how we got to the maroon and gray and away from the blues and grays of South.  Dobyns-Bennett and South are huge across town rivals- either your a Rebel or an Indian.  The baseball teams are named from the high school teams in hopes that these boys play HS baseball in the future.  Last year, there was no Indians 8u team.  We played on the Rebels team.  It was fun but Carson didn't learn much about the game of baseball.  The coaches didn't have much playing experience and it sort of was "daddy ball".  We were glad to say "see you later".  When the opportunity came up to try out for a new Indians team, Carson was all over it.  He was estatic the day his jersey was handed to him with the number 1-5 on the back.  Carson is wearing Sam's baseball and football number.  Number 15 is the only number in our house!   
We ordered team magnets and decals for the cars.  I worked with the business that does a lot of orders for D-B and this is what he and I came up with.  We didn't want to be just like the school but wanted everyone to know that we are a part of the Tribe!

We had tryouts in the fall and played a couple of tournaments then and did pretty well.  Our little team is a force to be reckoned with.  What I like about this team is that all the parents have become good friends, the boys are good friends- there is no within team rivalry.  Most importantly, they are being led by a group of great men.  Our head coach played baseball at D-B then was drafted to the MLB but chose to go to college.  He played at the collegiate level but I am not sure if he played beyond that- it doesn't matter though- the man knows what he is doing and is a great teacher of the game.  He never yells at the boys and is always an encourager.  The boys respond well to that.

Chad is one of the coaches so I will sit with my parents and in laws or some of the other families.  Chad has already warned me that the head coach's wife and I will probably get thrown out of a game. We can't help it.  In our second game, the other team subbed their catcher out after he batted with the intention of him getting suited up for the next inning to save time; however, he sat in the dugout even though there were two other coaches there that could have helped him get ready.  The only reason they did that was because the game was close and if they ate time off the clock, they had a better shot of winning.  My friend and I made sure the umpire knew that.  He took our heckling- I mean- "advice" and the next day, he told all teams they have one minute to get their catcher out on the field!!!  Score one for the Mamas!  The umpire also asks us for the score all the time- hello?  Isn't that your job?  The good news is I downloaded an app on my iPhone to keep score and that works great.

The biggest news from the first tournament is that Carson caught his first pop fly in a game.  This is something he has been very timid about and struggled with.  He tried to catch one in the fall and ended up with a black eye.  He says he wasn't scared of the ball but scared that if he tried and failed, he would disappoint his team and coaches.  I told him he was disappointing everyone by not trying.  We all have worked on pop flies with him.  He will catch them almost every time when Chad or Sam hits to him but never got enough courage to in a game.  That all changed Saturday night.  He caught one, bobbled it, but maintained control.  From where I was sitting, I didn't see it (which was probably for the best- he doesn't like me cheering for him- I have to remain quiet when he is at bat- which is hard) but he doesn't know that.  My daddy was standing outside the dugout and saw it and had tears in his eyes.

We are back at it this weekend for another two day tournament which means today will be housework and getting all the laundry done.  I learned my lesson last year- do laundry before tournaments!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#TinaEveryday2014 Days 62-78

I think I am going to nix posting #TinaEveryday on Sundays now that baseball season is here.  We will most likely be playing on Sundays so my blog time will be pushed aside.

Day 62 was a great mail day.  We got a wedding invite AND our MagicBands!

Day 63: Crazy sock day at school.  I sent this to Chad and asked if he dressed them and his response was that Caylee's hair looked too pretty for him to do it. ;)  

Day 64: They are all ears for Crazy Hat day!

Day 65: Book character day for Caylee.  I sort of forgot about it until Caylee reminded me the night before.  I pulled out an old Halloween costume and called it good. #momfail

Day 66: Cue the waterworks.  I posted about this earlier.

Day 67: Caylee's BFF came over and they made tissue bows and sold them for a quarter a piece.   #futureentrepreneur {I had to look up how to spell entrepreneur}

Day 68: First baseball scrimmage!

Day 69:  Finally a breakfast date with my boss!  I am dating my boss.  #nepotismatitsbest

Day 70: Somebody had to go to the eye doctor.  No glasses needed. 

Day 71: I was shopping at Burlington and came across this great mug.  I have a few people in mind.  #whatgoesaroundcomesaround

Day 72: "Ms. Teresa said I need to practice my run run cartwheels so I need to practice.  Take my picture."- Caylee Rose

Day 73: Everytime Carson's BFF and fellow teammate comes to our house, he asks me to make cookies.  So I did.  And now I am dieting. 

Day 74: Gameday BABY!  First tournament!

Day 75: Post tournament laundry at the car wash!

Day 76: Teaching Tank how to drive.

Day 77: I downloaded Cole Swindell's album.  It is very good.  I saw him at Luke's Farm Tour last year. 

Day 78:  Three of my favorites: Purple, tulips, and honeysuckle.  COME ON SPRING!

I post my pics of the day over on Instagram.  I am tinatnvol.  See you over there!

Saturday, March 15, 2014



I think I will probably be late to my own funeral.  This week has been 50 Shades of Crazy for Mama Mac.  I am finding that I am in a happier state of mind when I am busy but this week may have been a little too busy and my messy house is proof.  Oh well, YOLO.

Let's get to the gossip and what is going on with me:

I am a working woman.  Sort of.  I got a call from a former coworker whom I still substitute for asking me if I would be interested in tutoring a little girl on homebound for the remainder of the school year.  Homebound is for students with severe health concerns that prevent them from attending school for the day.   I see her twice a week for an hour and a half.  It is good because it is just enough to fit into my crazy busy baseball mama schedule.   This little girl is PRECIOUS and I am really enjoying my time with her.    The family is supportive and have welcomed me into their home.  This is a nice change from my past teaching jobs where I had no support from the home!

I am writing this post at 6:30AM on a Saturday morning inhaling my second cup of coffee because I have been awake since 5:30 thanks to the hubs alarm.  I rolled over to turn it off and said a few not nice words to the pillow because Chad was already up and gone for a run.  All I wanted to do was to sleep in this morning.  We have a big day ahead!

Why was Chad up at o'dark thirty to run?  He's signed up for this 100 MILE trail race against my wishes.  He had talked about it when they announced they were going to do it and I voiced my concern about it to deaf ears.  The reason I was opposed to it is because he has a highly stressful job with at least 12 hour days (sometimes longer), travels a lot, is helping coach a baseball team, has two children and a wife at home, and a home to maintain.  I am most concerned about how he was going to fit training for this asinine race into his already busy schedule and how his body would react to the intense training.  He's doing it though and I am not happy about it.  I did realize though, that running is his drug and that I would rather him be addicted to running as opposed to be addicted to drugs or alcohol.  The race is in May.  I am planning on going and hanging out with friends while he runs.  I think I might even treat myself to a mani/pedi for surviving his training!!  :)

This weekend is opening weekend for baseball!  You will find me on the ball field the next fifteen weeks.  I couldn't be more excited!

I ordered these last week and I cannot wait for them to arrive.

I got the light gray classics.  This is my second pair of TOMS.  I got bleach on my first pair.  :(  I tried to love them but they have absolutely no arch support so I had to put them away for a while.  When I was shopping for spring shoes and saw that Shay raved about them, I decided to give them a try because when Shay talks, I listen! :) I got the bright idea to go to our local shoe repair store (the owner is super nice) and ask him if he could add something to the arch to help my poor dancer feet.  He gave me AT NO CHARGE some inserts to try when they came in.  He even offered a second option if those don't work.  How cool!  I am anxious to put these to the test when we head South to see a certain Mouse!

That's it folks!  Have a great weekend!

See Ya Real Soon!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

#TinaEveryday Weeks 8 and 9

While I have done well at taking a picture everyday in 2014, I haven't done well at posting all of them here on my blog.  Life gets all kinds of crazy sometimes but that is the main reason I am doing a pic a day.  I want to remember what our normal and not-so-normal days are like!

Let's rewind to day 48:

This was back on President's Day so I hit the outlets to get a couple of things for our Spring Break trip to see a certain Mouse.  The outlets are about two hours from our house so I headed down after kid drop off and had the in laws pick them up from school.  I scored several things for everyone else in my household but only managed to buy myself one thing.  Carson squealed with excitement when he saw the UA bag.  He could be a model for Under Armour!

 Day 49:  Love hearing the sound of a baseball when it is caught in a glove.  The boys throw or hit almost everyday.  We have become a baseball family!

Day 50: One of my favorite times of the day is listening to Caylee read her take home book to me.  We usually do this right before bed.  She and I both need pedicures!

Day 51: It was 70 degrees that day!  Sunroof open and no gray roots made me HAPPY!

Day 52: The night the dismantle of the master suite began.  Stay tuned for a big reveal!

Day 53: We disassembled our closet and decided to paint it instead of having the painters do it.  The kids had gone to their cousin's soccer game two hours away so we had a day and part of the night to ourselves.  Some couples have romantic dates- we paint.

Day 54: The result of our "romantic Saturday."  HAHA!

If you are wondering where all of our stuff disappeared to, this is what I had to live with for a couple of weeks and sadly, I still need to put things away or donate them!

Day 55: The boys are back on the field!  Our first practice on the field.  
Day 55: Bonus:  After baseball practice the kids and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings cause Daddy was out of town and Mama don't cook when Daddy is gone.  BWWs is Carson's heaven.  My view the entire evening:

Day 56 started out with this: 
I ran over something and blew my tire out.  Two hundred dollars later, we are all good and life resumed.  And Chad was out of town.

Day 57: I started the task of sorting out closet stuff.  Little did I know I was getting a jump start on 40 bags in 40 days.

Day 58: I am constantly finding little things to do while waiting in the car for the kids.  This day, I cleaned out my purse and found some pretty random things.

Day 59:  We are in Georgia prepping for a shower!  

Day 60: Beth's cupcake wedding dress.

Day 61: As we said our "see you laters" to the Georgia Hamptons, I look over and see my mother in law holding a knife (long story) while hugging the bride.  She hosts a shower for you one day then stabs you in the back the next! 

I think I am all caught up!