Monday, July 23, 2012

FunFest 2012

FunFest- you either love it or you hate it.  For some, it is a time to gather with friends and family and celebrate summer.  For others, it is a time to leave town.  It brings out all kinds of people in our town. It is a nine day festival that includes various concerts, food, fellowship, and fun.  Growing up, I danced in ShowTime for nine years.  It was a musical variety show during FunFest.  The director, Louise, took a bit of a break but she says ShowTime is coming back next year!  WOO HOO!  Caylee and I will probably be in it.

This year, we went to the parade, Chad and kids to Crazy 8s (that was the day Juanita died), the Wolf Run for Chad, we saw Jeremy Camp, and watched the fireworks.  No wonder I have come down with a cold and both kids slept in today!  I'll let my photos do the talking….

My first attempt at hair bow making for Caylee.  This matched her FunFest shirt and can be used for UTC attire!  Score!

My babies!

Oh, I thought this was Chad.  Oh well, Papa Hood gets some blog love!  This was at the Wolf Run.

Jeremy Camp!  So, so , so cool!  They FINALLY brought a Contemporary Christian artist  in concert.  It rained that night so they moved the concert to the dome.  Fun night!

Caylee @Little 8s.

Breakfast with the balloons compliments of Dunkin Donuts!

Caylee and me at the parade.

Since AMT is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, we were able to get FunFest shirts with the AMT logo  on the back.  

Only in our town will you see a local celebrity riding in a bathtub.

Ice Cream @Taste of the Tri Cities

Fireworks/AMT picnic

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Uh Oh

When we built our house in 2004/2005, Chad surprised me with Corian countertops for our master bath. I fell in love with them. About a week ago, this happened....

I had put a sheet of stickers for Caylee's nails in the sink and forgot about them. Apparently the sheet of stickers got wet and the color stained my Corian. A few tears and phone calls later, I found the solution.

Sandpaper. I had to sand the stain out. Luckily, there doesn't appear to be any damage to the sink.

WHEW! Thank God for sandpaper!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

The 4th of July on the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!

So something has gone down this week that hasn't happened since one week before I had Caylee- I have had the house to MYSELF. Translation: kids are gone and the hubs is gone. WOOHOO!!!!

I love my family dearly but I have probably enjoyed the solitude a little too much. I went to Target (twice), had lunch with my former supervisor, did a massive clean out of my bathroom cabinets, laundry, took a bath, and slept like a friggin' log. I wonder if I could get another 24 hours alone? ;o)

I want to rewind and blog about our 4th celebrations. We didn't go to Peachtree City like we usually do. Chad couldn't get the time off and Uncle Bill had surgery so we vowed to have a bigger blowout next year. I really missed going to PTC but we made the most of the holiday here at home.

Chad worked all day (getting ready for a presentation) so the kids and I headed out to the parade and met Stacey and some of her family.

I think I said this on my other blog, but I am so thankful that God brought this woman in my life! She and I are so much alike it isn't even funny! I just enjoy going through life with her!

After the parade, the kids and I lunched with Chad at the office then ran to Old Navy then home for naps. Carson, like always, napped (I swear that kid would nap everyday if I let him). Later in the afternoon, we went over to the in-laws for a cookout then to swim. I went into town to run the Red, White, and Boom 4 miler. Alternate title: Hotter than Hell 4 miler. I basically had only run a handful of times since the half but I wanted/needed a gut check to help me get ready for Crazy 8s. My time was horrible, my hip hurt, and it was hot. I walked a lot of it. After that race, I realized that my hip may be a result of my shoes so I am switching back to my trusty Adrenalines.

I did snap a few pictures of the youngins in their festive attire.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Instagram Love!

Today's post is courtesy of my iPhone. I love my iPhone. My favorite thing about my iPhone is that I have a camera with me at all times- and it is a good camera! I love the fact that I can capture everyday happenings in our life without carrying around a big camera. I have recently discovered instagram and I love it! You can follow me at tinatnvol.

OMG- I love this man.  He was on the Today Show recently and I am pretty sure  I needed an EKG while it was on.  He makes my heart skip several beats.  I have loved Kenny since he first came out and would give my right arm to see the Brothers of the Sun Tour.  I love his new album!  In fact, we've listened to it so much that Caylee can sing "You and Tequila" word for word.  

We were exploring DC in 106 degree heat!  I love that there was a Daddy Mac sighting!
Cutest kid ever!  This was after she jumped off the diving board at CH pool! 

Date night at Capitol Brewery with my 7 year old! 

Friday night date night al naturale! I don't think that Chad and I haven't been on a date since October [no joke] .  On Friday, Chad suggested that we put Caylee in the kids' gym while Carson is at karate (Carson takes karate at our gym) and we work out together.  Our date only lasted about 30 minutes because I wanted to tan the last 15 minutes of Carson's class but it was at least 30 minutes without interruption.  You gotta take what you can get.

This picture makes me laugh!  I love these girls so much!  This was our first run together in forever.  We've been running but have missed Sarah.  Christy is on vacay so we'll have to get another post run "glowing" shot another night!  Leslie calls this our cheerleader shot because we look like we are on a pyramid!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Home

Yay! You found me!

Apparently I took up too much space over at CRM Squared, so I am starting phase II. Sounds exciting, huh?

Stick around for stories, pictures, and the things my crazy kids say!