Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday: What This Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day


I am dancing the jig today because this is the first day I have been home all week.  A friend and I were talking yesterday and came to the conclusion that May is much more busy than December.  I love this season of life we are in but it is no secret that I wish I could have some down time.  It is coming though in the form of a trip to the beach at the end of the month.  I just have to get to the end of the month!

For this Five on Friday, I started a list of five gift ideas that I would enjoy for Mother's Day but then remembered that I told Chad not to buy me anything for Mother's Day because we just replaced our patio shade- so that was a gift.  I love sitting outside on my patio but sadly, I have only done it twice since we got the shade.   Plus, we are getting ready to tile our  kitchen backsplash and it is costing a little more than I planned (if we decide to purchase what we picked out). Instead of posting gift ideas, I decided to post what I would REALLY like for Mother's Day.  It will probably not happen because I don't even think Chad knows I still blog!


For my house to be deep cleaned inside and out.  This includes:

  • baseboards scrubbed
  • light fixtures cleaned
  • garage swept and mopped
  • front porch pressure washed and furniture cleaned
  • all weeds pulled and mulch spread
For my kids to get out of this tattle telling stage.  Holy Guacamole!  It is bad right now.  I thought toddlers and preschoolers did that.  We are taking a major step backwards!  It seems like they are constantly at one another's throat.  I know this is part of life but it gets on my last nerve.  I wish they would realize that they are lucky to have a sibling- I don't have a sibling and the older I get, the more I miss that companionship.  

To be noticed .  Chad, bless his heart, is not Mr. Romantic.  In fact, he is the polar opposite of me.  He rarely talks (heaven forbid he tells me how he feels).  I feel like there are days when we barely say a couple of sentences to one another.  Yesterday, in the middle of a conflict with Caylee, he told me he liked my shorts.  I was flabbergasted and flattered by the compliment- even if the shorts did come from Target.  I appreciate the comment but was honestly caught off guard.  I know my husband loves me.  He shows it daily by working fourteen plus hours so that I don't have to.  

To be appreciated.  Moms do a lot.  There is no "time off".  I would love to hear "I appreciate you for making sure my laundry is clean.  I  appreciate you for taking me to baseball.  I appreciate you for ____________."  One of our biggest struggles as a family is mealtime.  I try my best to have a  decent meal on the table most nights.  It seems like all I hear is complaining.  Someone doesn't like this.  I am constantly trying to come up with meals everyone will eat.  I get tired of cooking the same old same old all the time.  It would be nice to be able to fix a meal without conflict.

To find some sort of balance.  I am reading Candace Bure's book Balancing It All and it is really hitting home.  I feel out of balance.  I know it is the season that I am in.  I just can't seem to find a balance of housework, child rearing, being a wife, friend, and daughter.  It is my hope that once school is out, I can reevaluate things and reprioritize.

After coming back to this post before hitting publish, I feel like it somewhat comes across as complaining on what is wrong in my life.  That is not my intent.  I think it is just where I am right now and I want this blog to be a journal of my life and be real and truthful.  I am keeping it real and truthful.  I am thankful and eternally grateful for what I do have.  I know there are women out there who would love to be celebrating Mother's Day with their mom or women who would love to become a mother but due to different reasons they can't.  My heart goes out to you.  I pray that you each will find comfort today and everyday.  

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Five: Disney Style!

WOOP WOOP!  It's the first Friday of May!  This month of one hundred times crazy for us.  Among other things, we have an out of town wedding to attend, a dance performance, baseball tournaments out of town, the end of the school year, Chad's trail race, and a beach trip.  I think I will probably be sleeping in hotel beds more nights than my own bed. Oh well- I love every minute of it!  That's how I roll! (cue FL/GA Line and Luke Bryan singing)

Anywho, for my Five on Friday with April, I am posting my top five tips for a successful trip to Disney.  We went to Disney for Spring Break (still need to blog about that) and I thought I would share what worked for us:

Put your itinerary on a spreadsheet.  Shrink it way down, print, and laminate.

You can't tell by the picture but I put the park(s) we planned to visit, ALL reservations (Fastpass + and dining), fireworks and parade times, crowd levels, and all park hours on one piece of paper and we kept it in our backpack.  If you do this, I promise you will thank me.  If you want a copy of the template I used, shoot me an email and I will be happy to share it with you.

Pay for the subscription to the Touring Plans Site.
I would probably bear hug the masterminds behind this site.  This site is full of inside information- how crowded the parks are, which parks to visit, which to avoid.  They also have an app- get it and use it!

Make your fast pass + and dining reservations as soon as you book your trip (or 180 days out).
We didn't get to eat at Be Our Guest but had no problem getting reservations at other places.

Try not to over schedule yourself.  Allow time to explore your hotel.
We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and they had so many fun things to do.  We could have literally spent a day just hanging out there.  Don't forget to schedule pool time!

Immerse yourself in all things Disney.  Live It Up!
You want a Dole Whip for dessert after breakfast?  Go for it!  You want to ride Expedition Everest 4 times in a row (like my six year old)? Do it!  Oh, and you must buy Mickey ears!  If your daughter wants to wear a sequined crown ALL WEEK, let her!    You Only Live Once!  A bonus tip: Don't waste time getting ready in the morning with full hair and makeup.  I decided I'd rather be hanging out in the parks as opposed to making sure my hair was fixed only for it to be messed up on the rides.  I do wish I'd done a little more to it most days.  Oh well!

I am seriously considering becoming a Disney Travel Agent.  I love, love, love Disney and I would love to share that love with others!  {How many times can I use the word love?}

Hakuna Matata!