Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Favorite Things Party!!!!

When I first heard of this, I immediately thought of Oprah Winfrey.  Oh how I would have loved to be in the audience when she did her favorite things shows!

The next best thing is linking up with Erika  to showcase what I am currently loving right now.  I don't know Erika personally but she is friends with Shay so in my book she is awesome!  I love reading her blog!

For the favorite things party, you pick one or two things you are loving right now under $10.  I had such a hard time picking two but decided to showcase these two:

cost: $6.98 at Wal Mart

Coconut oil is all the rage right now.  I have used in many different ways since purchasing this jar last year- yes, last year.  I use it on Caylee's super curly hair as a conditioner.  I use it as eye make up remover.  I have used it as shaving cream (more on that in a minute) and most recently as a body lotion.  I must admit it felt weird slathering it on after a bath.  I felt like a greased watermelon but the next morning, my skin did feel softer than normal.  I don't know that I will continue using it as a body lotion- maybe occasionally.  My favorite use for it is to remove eye makeup.  It completely removes all of my makeup- even liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara. 

cost: $2.89 at Target 
*This is on sale this week at Target- buy 3 at $2.89 and get one free!

If there has been a shaving cream on the market, I have tried it.  I have dark hair so the hair on my legs is dark (sorry for TMI); therefore, in the summer, I have to shave everyday.  I hate it.  My mother in law told me to try the Aveeno shaving cream because it claimed to give you such a good shave you can skip a day.  I tried the Aveeno but then when I saw the Target version, I thought I would try it.  I have used this stuff for about a year and I love it.  I can go a day between shaving even in the summertime, which is huge!    I do, at times, use baby oil or coconut oil if my legs or dry or if I just feel like using something else.  

I am finding that in some cases, you get what you pay for but overall, I am pleased with the Up and Up products at Target.  The only Up and Up product I do not like at Target is the body wash.  I cannot get it to lather.  

Thanks for stopping by!  I am going to go read all the other posts for the favorite things then probably go buy EVERYTHING!

Please take a minute to pray for our neighbors in Arkansas, Alabama, and other areas affected by these storms.  CRAZY!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday!

I'm linking up with April for

Stick a fork in me. I am done for the week.  We have been dealing with an issue at our home for a while and this week I have had all I can take.  It would be so easy to throw in the towel and give up but it isn't a option.  I hope that once school is out, things will be better!

The countdown to summer is on.  My kids have 19 school days left!!!!  WOOP WOOP!  Standardized testing begins next week and Carson will take the TCAP for the first time.  To say we have all felt stressed is an understatement.  I can't show him that I am stressed for him because I don't want it to affect his performance.  There is so much pressure of kids these days.  I have actually considered homeschooling and if you know me at all- that isn't my thing!

Chad was at home this morning for breakfast, morning, routine, and drop off to school.  He actually gave me the morning off and took the kids to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast AND TOOK THEM TO SCHOOL!  Y'all just have no idea how glorious it was not to have to worry about all of that- Chad is never here in the mornings.  He typically leaves the house around 4AM for his run then is at the office by 6 or earlier (this includes a 30 minute commute).  This  includes weekends too except that he is running again but not going into the office.  Don't get me wrong- this is my job now but every once in a while (read: once a year) it is nice to have  break!  I miss Chad in the mornings but our norm is for him not to be here.  Last weekend, he didn't run in the AM and it was honestly kinda weird for him to be here in the morning.  It was almost like we were having a "normal Saturday morning" as a family.  Plus, Carson didn't have a baseball tournament due to Easter so it was an added bonus!

Once I finish my blog for today, I am going to make my May calendar.  We have this calendar that hangs in our hallway off of the kitchen and it is my lifeline.  I use my iPhone calendar but I also need something I can look at a lot.  I bought the glass at IKEA and Chad made the calendar out of pinstripe tape that you put on cars.  Crazy but works!

May is going to be crazy busy with end of the year activities, baseball, dance performance, and a beach trip.  This on top of school, my little tutoring job, Chad's travels, housewife duties...  OK, I am just going to stop because one May, we may not be busy and I will look back and wish we had this time back.   I am going to buckle my seat belt and enjoy the ride and not complain!

I am on a hunt for new recipes.  I feel like we eat the same things all the time.  I have over three hundred recipes pinned on pinterest but when I look at ingredients, half of them can't be fixed because Chad can't eat onions, the kids will not try it, or I have no idea what some of the ingredients are!  If you have any kid friendly recipes, send them my way!  My kids are SUPER PICKY eaters!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 18, 2014

5 on Friday!

I'm linking up with April for

This has not been a good week for me as a mother and wife.  I've been mad, I've cried, and I have just been in a general funk.  I have let some things bother me yet I just can't seem to let it go {cue Elsa's singing here}.   I am thankful that Sunday is coming.  Easter to me is a time to be made new.  I am hopeful that my thoughts and feelings I've experienced can be made new.

My 40 Bags in 40 Days project has turned into one hundred bags in six months.  Because this spring season is so crazy busy, I am going to extend my project and just work though my house at a snail's pace until I get it done.  I am writing down as I bag something so I am making slow progress!

I am getting ready to host a virtual Thirty One Gifts party.  I realize I just took up an order in October but they have a new catalog coming out in May and I need new lunch totes.  Even though I am not working outside the home, I still use the lunch totes quite frequently.  If you would like to order something, leave me a comment and we can get it worked out and shipped to you!

I am contemplating a new hairstyle.  I have always hated my hair.  I just recently started using It's a 10 and it is slowly beginning to work.

My hair does feel healthier though I have a way to go.  I currently have bangs and I like the look of bangs but I feel like after two weeks of getting them cut, they are just stringy and oily.  I may try to grow my bangs out this summer.  I also need to color my hair but feel REALLY guilty for spending the money on it (part of my struggle- see #1).  I have considered just buying color from the drugstore but am afraid I will only make it worse.  I have gray hair that needs to be gone.

No baseball tournament this weekend and I am a little giddy about that.  My house will {hopefully} get a good, deep cleaning.  I can't tell you the last time my house was cleaned- no joke- probably Christmas.  EEEEKKK.

Have a great weekend!  He's Alive!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Master Bedroom and Closet Reveal!!!!!!

This project began around mid February and FINALLY today, I can call it 99% complete.  WHEW!

My sweet Mama actually started this project for us when we were talking about how I'd like to redo my bedroom.  We hadn't touched it since we moved in nine years ago.  In fact, we haven't done very much to the house since moving in so it is {past} time.   I had just a plain white comforter on the bed and no window treatments.  In my thirteen years of marriage, I've never had window treatments because we could just never find something we liked.  BT- Before Tina, Chad hung a black sleeping bag over his windows in his apartment to keep light out.

My mom started shopping for new bedding for us and we finally found one that Chad and I agreed on.  It is so hard shopping for something both parties like!  I thought that was the hardest part but the biggest challenge was trying to match paint up!  After about ten trips (no lie) to different paint stores, we found the perfect shades of "greige" {a mix of beige and gray}.  I will note all of the details at the end of the post.

Here is a before:- even with the new bedding.  I couldn't find a pic of my other bedding.

And this is what it looks like today.

I took the above picture standing in the doorway.  
When you enter the room, there is a little alcove that I had big plans for when we built the house.  The fireplace and built in shelving is on the other side of the wall and they way they were designed, this wall had to be slanted.  All it is right now is a place to grow some dust bunnies but I hope to add a big vase with lighted branches soon.

I need accessories BIG TIME.  I have some picture frames that I hadn't placed back on the dresser yet because they need to be cleaned and polished (they are silver).  I like the TV mounted on the wall but it would be nice if we can frame it in somehow.  I am also looking for a lamp for the dresser.  

 This is where I am stuck.  I am not sure if I should buy another set of paneled curtains and have each window with their own curtains or keep this area framed in.  I also need candles!  See, this is why I said only 99% done!
 We have five windows and a door leading out to the patio in our room.  See why I was so excited to get window treatments?
 I am also wanting to add something over the bed.  I thought about some artwork but nothing stands out to me.   I still have a couple of pictures to hang- I need to spray paint their frames.  Speaking of spray paint, has anyone ever taken the handles off of furniture and spray painted them?  I love my bedroom furniture but I want to make the gold handles silver but am afraid if I take them off and spray paint them, I will ruin them.  What should I do?  Everything else in the room is silver and I feel like the handles stick out like sore thumbs.  Eventually, I want to add a rug in here as well.

One more question- do I add a valence over the patio door blinds or leave them like they are pictured?  I need to hire a decorator but I have a champagne taste on a beer budget!

This room is one thousands times prettier than it was before.  I think once I get my accessories, I can put the stamp of completion on it!

When we did the remodel, we also painted the bathroom walls and the master closet walls.  Chad and I did the master closet ourselves and my mother hooked me up with a painter to do the bathroom and my bedroom.  I am glad we painted the closet but it was a lot of trouble.  We took the closet maid system down, labeled every little piece, and my dad and father in law reinstalled for me.  I think I lost favorite daughter in law points over that!   It was a challenge to get it back together! :)

The master closet is off of the master bath.  Here is a couple of  before shots:

I posted the first picture on instagram.  The kids had gone with Chad's parents to a soccer game two hours from here.  We joked that some couples have romantic evenings out when their kids are gone and we paint!

And this is what my closet looks like now:
 While I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to go to IKEA and build a brand new closet system, it just isn't in the cards.

This is my dream closet:

#champagnetaste #beerbudget

I did switch out ALL of our wire, messy, ugly hangers to plastic ones.  The OCD in me would love to have all white but I already had some that were colored so I ran with it.  I REALLY wanted those Huggable Hangers but again, champagne and beer!  :)  

You will notice that my hangers are backwards- that is because I am trying to broaden my outfits of choice.  I wear the same things over and over and I read somewhere to try this and then in six months is clothes are still on the backwards hanger, get rid of them.  I did clean out the closet before we reinstalled to and logged it in my 40 bags in 40 days, which is turning into 100s of bags in six months!  I am tracking what I bag but there is no way I will have it done by Easter Sunday!  Oh, and you might notice some electrical tape...  I found this idea on Pinterest- tape shower hooks to a hanger for tank tops.  GENIUS!  
 I am loving my baskets in my closet.  I spray painted them to match my greige motif!
 I also set up a little jewelry station in my closet.  I was tired of getting dressed then walking to the bedroom for jewelry then back to the closet to see how I looked.  This made sense so I did it.  The bowl holds my watches and bracelets and belonged to my grandmother.  The white boxes are for earrings and the baby powder is for my hair- HA!

Boy does it feel good to get this project crossed off the never ending to do list!  I cleaned like a mad woman today just so I could take pictures and as soon as I took the pictures, I went back to my daily duty and my bed looked like this:

ceiling paint: Benjamin Moore Abalone
walls: Benjamin Moore Silver Fox
Bedding and Curtains: Liz Claiborne Kourtney from JC Penney

Thanks for stopping by and thanks in advance for decor input!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

That Time When I Said I Was Going to Blog More.....

Well, I set my standards too high, I suppose.  I thought I would make more time for this little blog and I haven't done it.  Spring is crazy busy for me.  I said I wanted to take the time to stop and smell the roses and I haven't done that.  Oh well.

I'll start with a #tinaeveryday catchup.  I haven't done this in 21 days.  I am loving taking a picture everyday but I must admit, somedays just aren't glorious and picture worthy- but I am thankful for that!

Let's rewind all the way back to day 79:  First Starbie's date with Carson.  We discovered he has a love of CakePops!  

Day 80: My breakfast.

Day 81: How Caylee and my Dad watch a baseball game.  Funny story- I bought a new chair for the games at Big Lots (of all places).  I affectionally named it my throne because it is the Mac Daddy (or Mama) or a chair.  It has a pillow, cup holder, zip pocket for keys and iPhone, AND a foot rest.  Go ahead and ask me how many times I've gotten to sit in it.  MAYBE 3.  Daddy likes my throne.  So does Caylee.  They get the best of both worlds.  They both sit in it together at the games.  So sweet.

Day 81 BONUS:  First HOMErun of the season!

Day 82: Another day, another baseball tournament.  This was the day I sprained my ankle because I got excited that our catcher made a great play at home plate.  

 Day 83:  Tank doesn't like the fact that I am in a brace for 4 weeks either.

Day 84:  Jamie turned my sweet little six year old into a twelve year old.  I love it when her hair is straightened.  I love even more that I am not the one that has to do it!
 Day 84 Bonus: Happy National Waffle Day!  Daddy was out of town a good portion of this whole week so we had waffles for dinner to celebrate (Waffle Day not Daddy being gone).

 Day 85: Silence.  My Carson's mouth runs all the time.  I love it when he gets lost in a book and I get a moment of silence! ;)
Day 86: Dining room turned Disney prep command center!
 Day 87:  Me too, Tank.  Me too.  Getting ready for vacation is exhausting!
 Day 88:  The Macs en route to see the mouse!
 Day 89:  Dinner with Cinderella and her family.  Stepsister told Carson he stinks!

 Day 90: Breakfast with MICKEY!!!!!!
Day 91:  Look who rode Rockin' Roller Coaster twice and loved it!
Day 92: I love a parade!
Day 93: Wild animals at Animal Kingdom!

 Day 94: I was booted from my copilot's spot.
Day 95: From the castle to the diamond.  Cinderella's Castle to the baseball diamond, that is.
I couldn't find the picture I posted on instagram (long story) but I do have another one I took that day!
Day 96: Hanging out with this dude.  Man, he's hot.  I-LOVE-HIM.

Day 97: No pic that day so I threw it back to the weekend and this cute baseball sister.
Day 98: How Carson sits during multiplication drills.  Can I just say that I have more gray hair now trying to get him to memorize his facts?!
Day 99:  Nothing like hearing your daughter belt out Let It Go in the car!

Day 100:  Happy Siblings Day!

Day 101: A wild Friday night at Casa Mac- pinterest in bed at 9PM.  As I posted that pic, I was reminded that about fifteen years ago, I was just getting ready to go out dancing at the Cotton Eyed Joe in Knoxville.  My how times have changed!