Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Life Lately: May Part I

I am CONVINCED that May is a busier month than December.  Mother's Day, end of the year activities, ball tournaments, dance recital, birthdays and getting ready for a trip have made me one busy woman!  Thank God I am not writing IEPs this time of year!

I decided I'd do a life lately post to recap what has been going on since my last post.

I should stop here and just write: school, baseball, dance, Elmer, Chad traveling....  and repeat!  That is basically it.

On Friday, May 1st, we headed to Knoxville right after school for a UT Baseball game.  This wasn't ANY UT baseball game- Carson got to go out on the field with the players during player introductions and the National Anthem.  It was a cool experience for him.  He got to do this because he attended summer camp last summer and they asked campers to come back.  I love this first picture of him.  He's my boy!!!

 He got to run out to second base with Nick Senzel.  Nick had a great night- Carson was his good luck charm!  LOL

The Vols lost the game but played well.  They held the number 2 team in the nation and lost by a couple of runs.  It was a fun night.  We spent the night in Knoxville and got up early the next morning and headed to Dollywood.  We got Splash Country and Dollywood passes for the summer and Chad still hadn't been able to ride the new coaster, Fire Chaser, so we headed there first.

We met up with a family from the baseball team- we literally walked right up to them.  We didn't know they were going to be there so we spent part of the day with them riding rides.  It was a great chance to get to know another family on our team a little better.  I can honestly say that I really like all the families on our team.  There is no drama (at least none that we know of), everyone gets along, and they are great people to spend weekends with!
Carson is still scared of some rides- he gets it from me.  Last year, he wouldn't ride DareDevil Falls but this year, he and Ethan rode it about six times straight (nobody else wants to get wet on a cool morning!).  I don't like the Wild Eagle or Barnstormer either.

We got in the car, and this happened.  I guess TCAP and a weekend away wore him out.  He can sleep in the car like no one's business.  Another trait he gets from his Mama.
I honestly don't remember if anything out of the ordinary happened the next couple of days, so we will just fast forward to Mother's Day weekend.  The cousins and Chad's brother and sister-in-law came down for little cousin's birthday.  Chad's mom always does the parties for E and K so she did a lunch and swim party.  The kids were in the pool almost 8 hours.  Chad and I decided to take pictures of the kids underwater since we THOUGHT our life proof cases were waterproof.  One was; one was not.

Chad's case worked fine but mine apparently leaked and ruined my phone.  After calls back and forth to life proof and verizon, I am the proud owner of an iPhone 6 and a free case from life proof.  We weren't ready for new phone and we have to pay a little for it but I did snag the phone at a hefty discounted rate with the EDGE program.  I am happy with it so far.  If you are considering getting a life proof case- don't put it in water no matter what the advertisement says!

We didn't get a traditional Mother's Day picture since said phone wasn't working properly and Chad isn't the type of guy that does that kind of thing.  We spent the day with our moms and ended the day with a bike ride on the Greenbelt.  My Mother's Day gift was a bicycle.  I didn't think I would want one but since everyone loves riding their bikes, I might as well join in on the fun! We are taking our bikes to the beach.  I am excited about that.

The other big event is that Elmer has been escaping a lot lately.  We have got to get him some training.  The underground fence isn't working for him.  He just blows right through it.  Once he gets out, he will not come to us when called so we have just returned home after searching for him in hopes that he comes back.  The longest he has stayed gone is a couple of hours.  We have an appointment with a dog trainer in June that will do an evaluation on him and basically write an IEP and behavior plan for him.  He is the cutest dog but he is giving us a run for our money!  He spends a lot of time in his crate, which we don't like to do, but it is one of two places he will stay.  He likes his dog lot too and hasn't tried to get out of there but he will not go in the doghouse if it rains and he hates to get wet.  He isn't the smartest!

I am going to stop here and hopefully fill you in on another awesome week of baseball and a cutie pie in a recital!