Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mid Summer Update

It is hard to believe that our summer is almost at its midpoint.  I love the fact that we get out at the end of May but don't like the fact they got back the first Monday in August.  We are living it up summer style at Casa Mac.  We have been super busy- in mostly a good way- but I am looking forward to things slowing down a little so that we can have some lazy summer days just being at home.

I will try to catch up (in one blog post) some highlights since my last update.

I finally got a pair of Chacos.  I seriously have worn these almost every day since they arrived at my doorstep and have a chaco tan to prove it.  Chad had an email with a coupon for twenty percent off so I was able to get some on sale.  
 We finished first and third grade!
 Carson was very excited to see third grade end.  He had a great teacher and had a great year academically but everything else, notsomuch.
 Caylee danced in dress rehearsal.
 She didn't get to dance in the actual recital because we were in Georgia for a wedding.  She was a hostess with the mostest.
 After the wedding, we drove to Pigeon Forge to catch the end of the baseball tournament (no pics) then the next morning, we were beach in' (cue Jake Owen's song here) in Myrtle Beach with Nana and Papaw. My hair looked terrible in this picture.  I really hate my hair!

 We bought Carson "magic armbands" at one of our tournaments.  They must have really been magical because they won their first tourney that weekend!
 We took a quick trip to Northern Virginia.  We tagged along with Chad while he had a class.  We hit up the air and space museum at Dulles Airport to see the Challenger.  SO COOL!
 We watched Million Dollar Arm in a fancy smancy movie theater.
 Carson turned 9!!
 We dreamed of beating the Falcons AND DID on this day!
 We went to baseball camp at UT.
 Carson got his picture posted on Twitter by UT Baseball.  #celebrity
 We hit up Dollywood to ride the new coaster.  Apparently, Katy Perry had the same idea.  We didn't see her though.
 We ate "suppert"- we skipped supper and went straight for funnel cake. #makingmemories
 Oh hey- another beach picture.
 Carson joined the KMets for the National Anthem.

My laundry may be piled up, the hardwood floors haven't seen a mop in who knows how long, the toilets need to be scrubbed but all of that can wait.  I want my kids to make lots of memories this summer!