Friday, January 29, 2016

Hey! It's Friday!

This week has been the longest week!  We are back to our normal routine after the snow.  I'm linking up!

Erika and Andrea


I thought I would spotlight some of my favorite recent purchases with a little bit of baseball thrown in!

My friend Haley posted this on twitter and I knew I had to try it.  This combo is amazing!  It is the elf lip scrub and bath and body works gloss.   Sorry I couldn't find my original picture.

Last night was our first night back at baseball.  Actually for Carson, it wasn't, as he has been meeting with his hitting/pitching coach every week since August.  It was the first time back with teammates at our practice facility so we had to document the ride over.  It is thirty four minutes to the field.  Even though the ride is long, it is nice for some time with Carson.
During the snow, I sent the picture to our coach, and he said he was up for a snow practice!
I was interesten in trying a new shampoo on my hair. It is still a work in progress. I have ALMOST mastered the not wash daily.  I can go every other day or every two days depending on what all is going on.  The stylist at Ulta suggested the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Shampoo since my hair is color treated and damaged.  I used it yesterday and so far, so good.  I had good hair day (as evidence in the pic with Carson) and I used it on Caylee and she had a good hair day!  Win, win! I couldn't get used to the fact that it doesn't suds up but my hair felt clean despite the no suds!
I saw a commercial for this stuff and I knew I needed to try it too!  I use coconut oil to take off eye makeup, and it is great but I feel like my Proactive+ doesn't always get my makeup off.  I haven't tried it yet but will report back when I do!
Weight Watchers changed their program recently to Smart Points and basically count sugars now.  It has been a difficult adjustment for me.  I loved greek yogurt and the brand i liked was 3 points but it went up to 5 points.  One of the members suggested this brand because it was sweetened with Stevia. I am a fan!
That's all for now!  Happy Weekend!

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