Friday, February 5, 2016

Five on Friday!

Yup, it's Friday!  The day I look forward to all week!

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Lent begins next week.  Even though I am not Catholic, I participate in Lent (some years).  At dance this week, Caylee's teacher and I were chatting about it and she gave me some good ideas and motivation.  This year, for lent, I am

(1) Turning off my Facebook and Twitter. 

I have done this before and I keep saying I am getting rid of my Facebook for good but I never do.  Social media can really suck you in and take the life out of you!  I constantly compare myself  and my life to what others post even though I know darn well that they only post the good stuff!  It's past time for a break from it!  I don't use Twitter except to follow celebrities so I will not miss it.

(2) I am going to fix one new recipe per week.  I am so bad about fixing the same stuff over and over and over.  I have some great cookbooks and I need to be using them!

(3) I am going to drink at least 32 ounces of water daily.  I did this when I was losing my weight and I need to get back into the habit.

Last week, I posted about switching makeup.    Well, I had to take the Clinique back that I purchased because I thought it made me oily.  Turns out, they matched me up with the wrong formula! UGH!  They did allow me to return it and I am now wearing the Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation.  Granted, I have only worn it one day but I can tell a difference.  I also bought their primer because the powder needs something to stick to.  I was a little upset with the first clinique specialist that matched me up wrong- not only did she mismatch me, she never bothered to mention a primer.  Luckily, I already knew I needed a primer and I had some at home I used from a sample.  Oh, and the Micellar water to remove makeup is great.  I will still pull out my coconut oil to remove stubborn eye makeup but I finally feel like my face is makeup free when I do my proactiv regimen.

The kids were out of school today for parent/teacher conference.  We are blessed with great teachers (and great kids).  With Carson going to middle school next year (insert ugly cry), Chad and I wanted to meet with 5th grade teachers to address our concerns.  While our concerns are legit, they were very reassuring that Carson will be fine and that he is  making improvements.  Maybe one day, I will do a blog post on our concerns- nothing major!

Chad wanted to sign up for another 100 mile race, which caused some friction at Casa Mac this week.  It is bad enough that he travels quite a bit for work but to add training for an endurance race makes for an unhappy mama/wife.  It was a struggle for our marriage the last time he did a 100 miler.  I was a runner's widow- I rarely saw him.  I am all about setting and reaching goals but I also think you need to be reasonable.  Chad is short on time as it is and with endurance training, your time is given to your training and not your family.  In the end, he didn't sign up for it, which I am sure he wasn't happy with.  Touchy topic around these parts

There is a little football game this weekend!  We are cheering on our Peyton; although, Carson is a Cam and Peyton fan so I think he will be happy either way!

Happy Weekend!

Carson's room is Broncos theme!

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  1. We're cheering for Peyton, too! Would love to see him win!! Hope you're having a great weekend!