Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Let's Talk..... New Year

Today, I am linking up with Andrea and Erika  for a little virtual chit chat!

Earlier in the month, I did a post of "goals" for 2016.  The word I chose for the year as a springboard for my goals is "BE".  Almost one month in, I am doing ok!  My biggest struggle is being present.  I am still finding myself distracted by my "idiot box"- my iPhone.  Our friend, Sid, calls it the idiot box.  ;)  The best thing I have found is to put it in another room and not touch it.  Now that I have an Apple Watch, I get notifications of texts and phone calls so I will not miss a call or text.

What I am looking forward to in 2016:
This guy will finish elementary school.  He will also play one or two (or fifty) baseball games.

This girl will finish third grade.  She will tell you she is most looking forward to getting rid of her booster seat in the car- a sure sign of being a big girl!

Note: She doesn't wear makeup...  This was Nutcracker!

We will head to Peachtree City at least twice- one to host a baby shower for Beth and then will return to party it up the 4th of July.

We MMMMAAAAAYYY travel to Boston to see the RedSox take on the Angels at Fenway!!!!!

We hope to schedule a trip to the beach too!

This doesn't include the craziness of Chad's travel, baseball practice, dance classes, school events, volunteering for me, and housework and laundry!  WHEW!

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